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Thread: Complete Gasket for Buell xb9sx 2009

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    Complete Gasket for Buell xb9sx 2009

    My bike has done about 29k miles. I noticed oil leakage around the cylinder head and around the rocker box. So I guess it's time to change the gasket. I have looked up eBay and Amazon. But could not get a complete gasket kit. I saw few for firebolt.. Will this work for lightening also?

    I thank you.

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    model and displacement make NO difference. model year DOES.

    correct OEM part # for you 2009 cityX model is: 17059-02B...suffix B1U. list is $95.25.....plenty still in system....available thru most any dealer and online. new castle H-D has them for $78 as per system but my experience with that outfit is you'll get raped with PA tax and outrageous freight charge.
    there are several aftermarket full top end gasket kits available but some leave alot to be desired. James is excellent and some including myself think they're superior to OEM. go to their site to obtain correct part # and keep in mind it is NOT the same as 03-06 XB's.
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    John, what is the difference in the top end? I figure the cam covers would be different, but not the top end?

    Please explain.

    Your pal,
    Aka 34:19

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    hi aaron: you figured correctly. difference in gasket kits is in the gasket for the rocker cover and the subtle shape change for that lone gasket, as memory serves me. service manual chapter 3.7 and subsequent shows a few pics of that change. and if it helps anyone else i just took a few minutes and checked the JAMES dealer catalog and the correct full gasket kit part numbers are:

    JGI-17049-04-X complete gasket set.....fits all XB 2003-2006 inclusive
    JGI-17049-07-X """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" 2007-2010 inclusive

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    Thanks John, I'll look into these and give you feedback, are there any other thing to look into since I'm going to rotate the engine.?

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    I have been able to put the new gaskets on my bike. But i now face a whole new set of issues

    Here is what i did.
    1. I changed the front block gasket only, since the rear block had no leaks
    2. I changed the Orings for the Throttle Body with the ones in the pack
    3. I had a leak also around the timing cover. So i removed the whole cover to change the gasket, while doing that one of the timers came off with the cover.
    4. I also took off my fuel pumps and cleaned it
    5. Since the engine was rotated i took the chance to clean my plugs (DCPR9eix) and changed my o2 Sensors

    I took the bike for a ride, then i noticed constant backfiring. and bike always about to die.
    Also noticed i cannot rev above 5000rpm, When I'm on the 3rd gear i can barely do 6000rpm

    Known Issues

    1. Error code, Battery voltage too high, I have not been able to diagnose if it's VR or the Stator
    2. Loud noise when i'm on 1st gear and about to take off, I have to change Clutch Basket..

    What I have Done

    1. Re-breather Mod.
    2. Wire from Tbone (Under airbox) to negative terminal

    I appreciate any help i can get

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