I am GREEN to all this so please forgive. New to "working on" motorcycles and only worked on car engines when necessary. Have a brother that's the mechanic who has owned Buell's for 14 years. He will be assisting when he can. So here goes.

I just bought a 09 XB12X. 55000 miles. All stock from what we can tell except for K&N air filter and ECM. Came with a Buelltooth (no idea what previous owner did to tuning). Had a high idle (avg 1600 rpm) and wanted to stall out when stopped at every intersection after riding for a couple minutes on the way home.

What I've done so far.

Loaded a stock tune for a baseline since it has a stock exhaust. After loading the idle came down to an avg of 1300 rpm. CEL came on immediately after loading with an ACM stuck open code. My understanding after reading is this has no significance to normal operations except for mid band power.

Replaced spark plugs. front was fouled but found a pinched breather tube because it was routed around the wrong side of head.

Checked AFV via ECMdroid and had around a 90. Which I understand to be lean. If anyone can direct me to somewhere that describe what the numbers in ECMdroid mean would be SOOOOOO helpful. Anyway.

Where should I start next? All help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.