A few days ago, I had started the engine and it was idling for about 30 seconds. Then I heard a crunch sound and then the oil pressure light started to flicker.
I turned it off, removed the oil pump cover, and saw a few pieces of black plastic in one of the oil galleys and behind the scavenge gerotor:

Is there anything in the engine that looks like these pieces of plastic??

Now for the bad part... after cleaning and reassembly, refilling swingarm with oil, I have zero oil pressure per an oil pressure gauge screwed into the pressure sensor tap.

I have cleaned out with compressed air all of the oil lines - feed, return, vent, and to/from oil cooler.
The bypass valve moves freely. Clearance on both gerotor gears is within spec.
I removed the oil feed line and fitting from the pump body, put my finger over the feed hole, and I feel virtually no suction from the feed gerotor when the engine is cranked at a rapid speed (both spark plugs removed).

My guess is that the feed gerotor can't build up any suction to pull oil into the pump body, but I don't see what could break internally to cause that to happen.
Any ideas??