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Thread: Canadian Winter

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    Canadian Winter

    Hello all

    So I have a 2007 XB12STT that I'm about to store for the winter.

    I got some fuel stabilizer from Can Tire but I'd like to confirm that the tank is 16,7L. I know there's also a 3L reserve tank and I'm 99% it's part of the 16.7L, I want to make sure I get the ratio right.

    Also, will need an oil change, I got the right fuel filter from the cross-reference thread but was wondering which oil would be best. Depending on the source, I got 15w50, 10w50, 14w40....synthetic I know but which type and which brand? Also how much oil will the bike need?

    Same thing for the gear oil, 80w90 but which brand and how much to put in the bike?

    Thank you

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    Fuel Capacity 16.7 L / 4.4 US gal
    Oil Capacity 2.37 L / 2.50 qts

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    atank has the right capacities lised for the engine.

    The correct engine oil weight is the one that is listed for "The lowest temp the bike will be ridden at" like the manual states. Check the chart in the manual, here's a link to download it for free:

    The primary takes 1 quart. "Formula +" is the recommended primary oil for the stock clutch, I would use whatever your clutch MFG recommends, and opinions are strong. You can even use the same oil your engine uses, but I find the clutch gets a little 'grabby' with 20w-50. Just NOT gear oil. Ever.

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