This is my 07 XB12S with 15k mi. Got it a few months back and just finally getting around to posting pictures. First Buell, and it's been my dream bike since the XB came out (I was in high school at the time). Love streetfighters, and the harley sound with the sportbike looks and uniqueness of Buell always stuck in my mind. It's my first sportbike after a couple cruisers, and I'm in heaven. This bike is so much damn fun, and different than anything else out there. Previous owner did the airbox delete, jardine exhaust, breather re-route, led turn signals, tail chop, some random carbon, and the fork guards. I've added the carbon seat cowl and heel guards to tie it together a bit, but don't want to overdo it. Going to replace headlight at some point, as I melted a lens a bit from leaving a towel draped over it with the key turned on. I think I'll add the headlight grille too. Still working on a name, but I think I'm between Whole Lotta Rosie, or Wicked Felina.