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Thread: 09 Buell Blast running issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    David Thomas you have had a ton of help here from very smart AND HANDSOME people to solve your simple issue.

    fixed it for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by 34nineteen View Post
    I did not know that. I figured since Harley phased those in after the 1st year the carb was put on the Sportsters, it on all of them.

    Thanks for the heads up !!!
    No worries, just didn't want him trying to run down that troubleshooting tree. lol

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    Hey guys, hope everyone had a bountiful Thanksgiving. I just wanted to give an update... Charged up the battery, put in fresh fuel, checked the control ignition module was firing correctly, and still nothing. Starts up, and just chokes out. Jets were clean, and everything was reassembled correctly. Fuel is getting in without issue, there's a spark but she just chokes out over and over. I'm perplexed, and perhaps there's a bigger issue here than the carb.

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