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Thread: 10A ACC Fuse keeps blowing, help!

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    10A ACC Fuse keeps blowing, help!

    The bike:
    2007 XB12STT
    Non-stock front turn signals
    Fender eliminator with rear-turn signals “in” the rear red light case.
    Race ECM and custom exhaust.

    The issues:
    No running lights
    No turn signals
    Instruments and gauges blackout (nothing comes on except the high beam indicator when I turn on the high beams)
    10A ACC fuse keeps blowing every time I put the key at ON

    The goods:
    Bike starts and runs fine
    High beams work
    Horn works

    The bike was working just fine and it is currently in my shed for the winter. I received a Buelltooth and it wouldn’t work (0-6 error). The wiring near the tail light didn’t look too good; electrical tape etc, there was a few random grounds (red wires) and 2-3 loose wires (blacks/brown). Pic 1 – 3 is of the original wiring job.

    I was going to “ground” all the loose wires and clear the electrical tape to make it look nice, and hopefully have the Buelltooth work. Of course, genius me didn’t put the key at the OFF position….There was a short-circuit when I tried to ground one of the wires (I believe it was a red one but not 100% sure) and the 10A ACC fuse blew, which resulted in the aforementioned issues.

    I’ve since went through about a dozen 10A fuses and they keep blowing. I’ve tried about every configuration with the tail light wires so I’m beginning to think the issue is somewhere else. I doubt it's a cross-wire, I caused it while messing around with the wires with the key still on, I suspect something else blew. Are there fuses elsewhere on the bike? Something in the dashboard maybe.

    Anyone been through this or could help?

    I've attached before and after pictures

    Thank you.
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    Since it started when you were working on the rear lights, I would think that is where your problem is, providing it didn't end up melting a wire someplace else. There are various YouTube video's on how to track down a bad ground. I wouldn't
    waste any more fuses until you track down the problem. Let us know how it goes.

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    Okay.... so there are a bunch of foolery going on. I’m not a fan of the blinker in the tail light especially when it’s a single wire led. So first off.
    Disconnect the blinkers there are six wire on the left side of the bike that operate the left/right and license plate light. Originally the ground and hot were the same length for each system... ie longest was plate light second longest/ middle was right blinker and shortest was left blinker.

    All of the grounds are black and do not connect any other color to it without a breaker.. I.e blinker or light

    Now your tail hook up is wrong to if my memory is correct it should be orange stripped then black then the other color wire at a 90 deg.

    There should not be any other wires coming off the color brake wiring.

    Now let talk blinkers with what you have.. it looks like someone tried to jump the running lights hot wire to the led blinkers and then hook it up to the hot blinker left/right wires which will cause the fuse to pop.

    The easy way to fix it is to ground the blinkers to the two screws that hold the tail light on then run the hot blinker wires to each led.

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