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Thread: Chain conversion

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    Chain conversion

    Do you need any kind of drive cushion when you do a belt to chain conversion? I'm thinking about getting a Blast for a custom build with a chain drive and wonder if I can go without any cushion in the rear hub that you normally see with a chain drive bike?

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    not required with an XB conversion but not sure on the little Blast. reach out for board member Jetlee via PM on here. he's the go-to Blast guy and very knowledgeable and pleasant to converse with. always willing to help new Blast owners.

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    Stock Blast clutch does not have a sprung hub. However the little thumper doesn't make enough power to cause any issues as most of the jolts will be absorbed by the heavy chain.

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    Just avoid wheel hop and all is well. We never had cush drive back in the old days running thumpers.

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