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    2007 xb12s

    Ground or fuel issue?
    I'm trying to diagnose a grounding or maybe fuel issue on a 2007 xb12.
    Bike looks like to have the dual headlight mod done with an hid in the highbeam.
    While starting the battery seems to dip in a lot of power( a volt meter shows 4 volts )while trying to start but it does start. My clock resets to 1:00.
    While driving the low fuel light came on, then out, and back on. Pulled over to get gas, tank was full. Tried to start the bike and it wouldn't start. Fuel pump sounded to be priming. Took seat off to check fuses, put seat back on and bikes started but again was sluggish to do so. Got a few miles down the road, again with the fuel light on and then lost all power. Pushed myself to a close shop and the battery voltage was 11.9ish.
    At home: battery on tender, and bike. Voltage at 13.19 and drops down to 12.9 a full day of not powering the bike up at all(looking for a bad parasitic draw). Start bike up first go, voltage at idle /25-3500 rev hold around 14. No clock reset. Shut bike off. Wait 5 mins batt voltage back down toward 12.9. Try to start and have to twist the throttle a bit to keep it running but it stays running, but Clock reset again. And once again fuel light is on. Rev and hold reading 14v. Kill bike. Wait two days. Battery voltage at 12.9 start bike, but battery dropped towards 4 volts while doing so, also the clock reset. Put seat back on bike and go around the neighborhood. Fuel light stayed on (1 mile trip). Parked bike removed seat *(bike still running) voltage is at 12.7 at idle/right after riding.
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