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Thread: Ignition coil resistance check.

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    You generally can't get accurate “Low Ohm Measurements” even with a good quality VOM. On the Primary Winding the only thing you can check with a VOM is continuity.

    Respectfully disagree, I have gotten very accurate measurement readings in individual coils on primary side, 0.5 ohms. Its easily with in spec of Fluke 789.

    If your resistance readings are accurate, they are probably spiral suppression wires. If so they are still good and superior to the stock carbon suppression wires you just purchased.

    The only change between bike running and bike not running was change in wires. Please explain.

    TSB also included non-verbatim: "for ignition related rideability problems/complaints simply replace F&R spark plugs and F&R spark plug wires. if same problem persists then additionally replace ignition coil."

    John is well liked on the Forum. He is extremely knowledgeable and goes out of his way to help other members like you. He told you exactly what you needed to do to get the bike running. Many here have skills in various areas and help out when they can. Most here are good people, no one likes to be insulted.

    John goes on personal attack and spreads miss information. As resent as dual fire post just above yours, which is complete nonsense. He can back up his claim of XB being a waste spark design anytime he feels like it. So is a claim of me not being able to find info related to current topic. My bike was running before the post by a Mr. Waste-spark, and me explaining how to measure coil and spark plug wires.
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    John possesses a ton of knowledge, but he can come off as a dick. However, given a little time, he usually comes back through and edits or deletes his own posts. Take his posts with a grain of salt.

    That being said, I know several very knowledgeable people that are dicks, self included.

    Chill out and keep crap fact-based without slinging insults.

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