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Thread: Knights 2" Lower Foot Pegs - Brake Pedal

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    Knights 2" Lower Foot Pegs - Brake Pedal

    This issue is for an 1125cr but the pegs are originally from a firebolt. I installed a set of 2" lower foot pegs on my 1125cr without any issue. I was able to successfully adjust the snifter leaver but my rear brake pedal is way too high to be useful. Yes I regularly use my rear brake so suggesting I stop using it is not acceptable.

    I want to know if anyone else has over come installing lower foot pegs and adjusting the rear brake pedal. The motorcycle has stock rear sets. I am considering making a plate to re-locate the rear master cylinder.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Can you shorten the adjustment stud? I find it bottoms out in the clevis pivot end before it runs out of threads (and is frankly dangerous and inop at that point). Taking a few threads off the end might be enough.

    And a neat cheat is to thread a nut onto the stud before you cut the threads off. Then un-thread the nut off the stud and it will clean up the end enough to be able to re-thread the clevis back on

    Hope that works out for ya

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    I put Ulysses pegs on my 1125cr. There were some issues, but nothing that couldn't be sorted out with some adjustment/shimming. I dont think the Ulysses pegs are a 2" drop.

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