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Thread: Buell Ulysses-Code 23 front fuel injector, replaced and still running on one cylinder

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    Buell Ulysses-Code 23 front fuel injector, replaced and still running on one cylinder

    I have a 2008 Buell Ulysses that was running great on a Death Valley ride all weekend. On the way back it started running rough and then the check engine light came on and lost power due to only running on one cylinder. Pulled over and it died. Restarted the bike and the check engine light was on solid and running on one cylinder with raw fuel vaporizing out the exhaust-Ended up getting a uhaul and towing it home. Later I crossed pin 1 & 2 to find out a code 23 for front injector was present-no other code stored. check the leads/connectors and all looked good. Replaced both injectors and spark plugs but the bike still is running on one cylinder and code 23 is present. Anybody have any ideas? Rechecked all the injector wires, connectors in the general area.

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    sir: from your historical fault code #23, i'll assume your FRONT cylinder is the dead one. correct?
    1-if a cylinder has fuel....spark....compression...and has no choice. it must run. and it will. you are missing 1 or more ingredients.
    2-could be a failing ECM that hasn't stored codes 52 thru 55 but that's a rare occurrence.
    3-i know it's minimal consolation but fortunately for you the front cylinder, if indeed it's the dead one, is much easier to diagnose merely due to positioning. what i would simply do is determine compression...fuel....and spark and go from there. check if the fresh sparkplug is soaked with fuel.
    ground a good known sparkplug to the head and crank while checking for spark. be careful of raw fuel being expelled from the vacant cylinder hole as can cause a flash fire if that cylinder is fuel-saturated.
    then get a bit of heat into the motor if possible and with wide-open-throttle...check cylinder compression.
    post up results as time permits as it helps others.
    NOTE: something as simple as a failed sparkplug wire can cause your symptoms and they can fail without any significant warning. a quick OHM's test will confirm its health.
    also...there were several thousand assorted XB models that had an issue with an injector harness wire rubbing thru where it passed over a bracket and adjacent cylinder but for the life of me i can't recall specific years or models.
    a failing ETS or ETS chafed wire can have a cascading effect upon components and rideability issues.
    and lastly....locate your ECM ground wire at the ECM wiring harness. one that has a corroded connection or has torn away from its terminal will also cause a myriad of odd problems.

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    And, look at the ECM and see if the connectors are properly connected, and that the ECM itself is okay.

    Apparently there is an issue where the seat can press down on the unit and crack it. I'm not sure if the issue applies to the '08 - '10 year models.

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    I agree with all the above^^^ and look for chaffed wires to the injector including what Pushr0d said

    Pulling code 23 doesn't mean "replace the injector", it means the ECM sees a problem with the front injector circuit. Open or grounded wires to the injector will look and act exactly like a bad injector.

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    Double check to make sure you dont have a failed sparkplug wire (or sparkplug).

    Since you stated the raw fuel vaporizing in the exhaust, my guess is that the injectors are working, but one of the plugs isnt firing. The cold pipe is the one that isnt getting fire.

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