Rear tire just washed out on my bike for some crazy reason - I was just starting off from an intersection, made it across the street and bike just went sideways. I wasn't burning rubber; going in a straight line; dry roads without any objects/oil slick as far as I can tell. I was riding along the ocean, so maybe some sand on the road? Left handlebar hit the tank hard enough to leave a dent.

Anyone know where to find the short/standard pucks for an '04 Firebolt, within the United States?

St Paul Harley only lists the long versions. I've also tried all the other top web sites - Surdyke, Dennis Kirk, New Castle.
TwinMotorcycles in the Netherlands seems to list some for the exorbitant price of 124 Euros.
Even nothing on eBay, except scratched up pucks on donor frames.