Hello everyone, I'm not too well versed in all things Buell, so any help is appreciated & I am trying to get better about this.. But I recently bought an '08 lighting, love it! Caught the bug, went and found a bit of a project '08 firebolt... And now an '02 M2 cyclone. And that's where I'm asking for help.. Looking online, and through the forum I have found a few builds that are beautiful, one of them was purpony's X1 build. It looks like it's gone thru a few variations, and ended up with a set of Spoked Wheels. I did look at his site covering the build & reach out to him about his bike, but the wheels he has are not made anymore. I contacted the company and they "politely" responded that they would not be producing any of the Buell fitment. I have contacted a few other companies claiming to make custom builds, but to no response, except for two - wheelwrights & Woody's - both also said no, they couldn't help me.
If anyone might have a suggestion of where I might try, that would be great! Thanks in advance!