Hi guys.
Got a real strange one here. First some background
2006 XB9SX
Around 70 000 km.
Used as my daily commuter approx 85km per day
Replaced VR ,stator and battery 2 years ago.
Shes been perfect electrically, but I parked her the whole
of last week due to a leaking aftermarket exhaust issue, which
I repaired on Saturday.
Gave her a wash and put her in the garage.
This morning took her out the garage for a run with the wife.
When I switched on the ignition there was nothing, dead.
Popped off the seat, connected jumper cables, still nothing.
Left her and took the GS.

This afternoon I checked, and the battery tests perfect.
After a lot of troubleshooting and checking the wiring diagram, I found
that on the key switch, I only have 3,5V instead of 12. I ran a temp jumper to
the switch, and she came to life, even started.
I then disconnected all the plugs under the front cover and while
disconnected, I get my 12V, plugging everything back in, I find that as
soon as I connect the dash, it pulls the Voltage down.
There are no earth (grounds) in the front as it seems other Buells have.
That was my first thought.

Thats about where my expertise ends. The dash must be ok as it works
when I use a jumper.
I'm open to all reasonable suggestions guys.