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Thread: 2007 Buell XB12Ss Lightning 1100 original miles

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    We believe you and the wife..


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    Quote Originally Posted by BuellyBagger View Post
    Ok, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt... maybe you are presenting the bike as you were sold it. It appears to have been low speed low sided a couple times either way.
    I'm not going to run a VIN history on it, but I hope anyone who might be interested in it does.
    That frame dent would've totaled the bike IF anyone made an insurance claim on it. And that doesnt mean that it would have a salvage title either folks. In some states if the value of the vehicle is low enough and the vehicle is old enough it can keep a "clean" title even if it's damages have exceeded its agreed market value. Although if it was claimed, a VIN history will show that it was a total loss.
    So, any how... GLWS OP.

    This ^^^^^

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    FYI, it's still on Facebook marketplace for $4200 by the previous owner, saw it last month but kept on looking for my XB12SS (which I still haven't found...)

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