I am a past Mold Maker and Injection Molded and I am thinking of producing frame pucks for the XB Lightning (I have a 05 XB9SX that is missing them) and make them available for a fair price to the other Buell lovers. As many of you know they have been out of stock since August and it does not appear there is another source for them coming. Twin Motorcycles makes some carbon fiber ones but I think people want ones that look as cost to stock as possible.

My plan is to attempt to collect as many damaged ones as I can get my hands on and hopefully get enough of them that are OK on different places that will allow me to laser scan them to create the necessary CAD files to cut new molds for them. If I was lucky enough to get a unused left or right that would be great as I could scan it am mirror it for the other side.

Here is what I need...If any of you have any old ones (even damaged) It would be so appreciated if you could send them to me (PM me and I will get you my address and I am happy to cover postage etc.).

If you have a unused one or even a pair (hopefully someone has one), I would need to borrow it for about 3 weeks to get it scanned and create the geometry for the molds. The laser scan is non contact and there will be no damage to it at all. I will return it to you just as you sent it to me.

The Firebolt and lighting S, Scg models all fit the same ones I am told..any of these will help.

Thank you in advance for allowing me to keep our Buell's on the road!