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Thread: XB Frame Pucks...Possible Future Supply...I need your old Frame Pucks to do it

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    Just curious if you had made them an outlet for your pucks. Ironic that ad popped up for me, LOL.
    These do look great! Thanks for making them! 'Murica

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    Hi Cooter. No the only other place to get our pucks is at Twin Motorcycles in Europe. They were one of the key drivers that encouraged us to engineer, test and produce these pucks. Martin at Twin is a real "Buell Guy" and gave us a ton of input on what they saw from damaged frames that came through their shop. They sucked up all the initial production from us for their customers there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Hepler View Post
    Martin at Twin is a real "Buell Guy"
    Martin at Twin is a good dude. Tell him I am looking forward to receiving my rear shock!

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