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Thread: Anyone familiar with the HD ver of Megalogviewer?

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    Anyone familiar with the HD ver of Megalogviewer?

    Had used the older version years ago, but this senior seems to have forgotten some of the initial settings etc. Using ECMDroid to log MSL files and burn the new tables etc in. Using TunerProRT as well. Using a wideband controller/sensor to create the afr data. Getting AFR readings of 114 in the lower data table. Not sure where I'm amiss here. Not sure what options to select under EGO sensor field, EGO correction field. Have set the Y axis field to LOAD and the Field Naming Log to Buell. Using custom linear AFR curve for the controller. Front and rear. Any help/suggestions would be super awesomely greatly appreciated.

    Bryan, TX

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    I use mlv hd for tuning but use ecmspy not ecmdroid. Let me know if I can help.

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