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Thread: 2006 XB12SS - Portland, OR - 18K - Drummer exhaust and more $4000

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    2006 XB12SS - Portland, OR - 18K - Drummer exhaust and more $4000

    This is a 2006 Buell Lightning Long XB12SS (black and amber)
    I have owned this bike since 2008 after I bought used from original owner. I love this bike and regrettably, the bike only has 18,129 miles on the odometer. It has seen the track, scored me a wife, blown through the blue ridge mountains, and traveled across the US (via trailer). This bike has been the youth of my earlier years, and now that it is 18, it is time to part ways as my other hobbies demand more attention.

    I have upgraded the exhaust and ECM system and made a few other modifications to make it more enjoyable on longer trips. The laminar lip is amazing and makes is much easier to go above 80 MPH (for passing purposes).

    There are no mechanical issues with this bike. Fires right up and is ready to ride. There are some light scratches on the frame slider and the oil cooler cover. I have an extra frame slider but never bothered to replace it.

    Price: $4000
    Model: XB 12SS Lightning Long
    Make: Buell
    Year: 2006
    Miles: 18,129
    Color: Black and Amber
    Condition: 8/10
    Location: Portland, OR

    This bike is amazing and has several upgrades.
    - cooler looking side mirrors
    - laminar lip
    - CNC levers
    - Upgraded Gel Seat
    - Matching rear heat guard brackets
    - Buell tail bags
    - Buell tank bag
    - drummer muffler (
    - Buell OEM Race ECM and old original ECM
    - New battery
    - Buell XB Maintenance Book
    - Extra pair of new EBC performance brake pads
    - krypton disc lock
    - motorcycle cover

    - Belt driven, no maintenance
    - Air cooled, no maintenance
    - Amazing exhaust note
    - No sore hands from inline 4 motor vibrations
    - Comfortable, more relaxed riding position
    - Sporty, plenty fast but not a racing bike ( Top speed of 145 MPH )
    - Loads of smile inducing torque, available immediately
    - Not a Japanese bike
    - Makes car alarms go off in parking garages
    - Seats two comfortably
    - Added wind screen makes for easier and faster travel times
    - 1203 CC V-Twin motor
    - 100 ish HP / 108 Nm torque / 81 ft-lbs torque
    - 5 speed
    - Easy to dip in the corners or track
    - Has frame sliders
    - Really fun on the track


    This is my first post on buellxb as I was using before but have been in the buell community for quite some time.

    I have cross posted there as well

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    You ever get this sold?

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    nope. Although frankly I didn't really try that hard either.

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    It's a nice bike

    Sorry, I'm not in the market for another Ss, but what type of brake EBC HH pads are they? If they're EPFA, or GPFAX, I could take them off your hands

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