Hey everyone!

Was just changing my Spark Plugs which went pleasantly smooth until I noticed the rear-cylinder boot just fall off the coil. I pulled it away and found it full of white corrosive dust. I can't recall ever seeing such terrible corrosion like this in my 30 years of wrenching on cars & bikes! I'm VERY surprised this bike ran as well as it did, this corrosion would explain why the bike ran rough until about 5 minutes of running, guessing the spark was making it past the corrosion after heating-up a bit.

Anyone have thoughts on whether I should replace the coil or simply just clean it? I'm very tempted to replace it, thinking this may have put undue strain on the coil due to added resistance but I'd love your thoughts...and I wouldn't mind saving $40 on a used coil.

Thanks everyone, really appreciate it.