I'm SO BORED! I did some motorcycle research today and the results were SHOCKING to say the least. Heres the backstory...

I have an ongoing disagreement with a gentleman friend of mine who asserts that his method of buying a new GS1200 about every year or two, nets him a reduced cost of owning such a machine. His theory is that because he never lets them get old enough to need expensive repairs or maintenance, he saves that cost by buying a new one. He rides about 1000/miles a month so I did some calculating for him

Ahem! (grabs the pulpit and leans back)

He is an older gentleman with a good driving record, and buys a new 2014 Bimmer GS1250 for $21,167 (FYI, That is the cost, but doesn't get added to "the cost of ownership")
Sales tax: $2113
$2989 finance charge (no down, 60 mo, 5.29%)
$1859 (17 PER MILE) in maintenance cost ONLY, in the first year!?
Since that is only a tiny fraction of the actual cost of ownership I added it up!
add in repairs they needed ($3173):
Most owners (3.1 million miles averaged) got 43 MPG
so... 257.4 gallons of gas X $3.36 average price/gallon for regular gas in 2014 (The premium they require would be even higher)
$864.86 in gas.
Insurance would vary dramatically but its fair to assume a clean record in a decent metropolis is ($100/mo) $1200.
$4276 in depreciation:
One set of Anakee dual sport tires installed $589
I didn't add any modifications like crash bars, lights, GPS, phone mount, or the mandatory grey/hi viz pantsuit, silver suitcases, and 2 dozen Motorrad hats you must buy to fit in at Starbucks (That was for you LF)

That means in 2014 a BRAND NEW GS1200 would cost you $17,064 in the first 11,068 miles of ownership. $1.54 per mile, every mile, to run a brand new motorcycle??

It cost $1.59/mile in 2014 to run a freaking 53' long semi truck.

The 2020 GS he just bought that started this conversation cost him "A little under $30K"

He can love his all he wants too, I think I'll keep my rattly old Buell

Did I mention I'm BORED??