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Thread: Need charging help

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    Need charging help

    I know it’s been done and redone but I need y’all’s help. Just bought a 2009 1125CR. Will run fine until it gets up to temperature and then it has charging loss symptoms. Checked the stator and it tested fine. Did a grounding and voltage check. Went ahead and pulled the cover and stator looks great. You guys think it’s VR? Or could it still be stator? Again, if I charge it, it will run and charge fine until the bike gets hot. So I don’t want to go buy stator and rotor if I don’t have to yet. TIA.

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    You have a voltmeter on the dash. When it's hot and not charging is when you should test it.
    '09 was when they had issues, so your best bet is to check to see if you have the upgrades and install them if you do not.

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