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Thread: Finally, riding weather!...and any advice on ECM Droid error?

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    Finally, riding weather!...and any advice on ECM Droid error?

    Hey guys,

    Been a minute since I checked in, things have gone crazy out there since last time! I'm so happy to say, I got my XB9S back from Milwaukee to my Illinois address where roads suck but at least it's here to ride! Front Rotor EBR hardware kit rocks and made it's maiden 100 mile 100mph+ voyage without any problems other than I froze my hands-off. Wasn't at all prepared, bad gloves. That was a BIG mistake.

    Anyway, today I performed my 1st TPS reset and the bike idles much better, what a relief! I think I may need to do another adjustment after it settles-in but it's significantly better. Idle was a bit rough and intermittent misfire, though it's a little hard for me to gauge with a V-twin, being fairy new to this.

    Anyway, I'm using ECM Droid which was super easy & intuitive for the TPS reset & adjust but when I go to review other "active tests", such as Front & Rear Coil, Fuel Pump, etc I just get an ECM error. Anyone experience this or have a solution?

    Thanks, and hope you're all doing great. I know getting a Buell out on a the road was JUST what the doctor ordered for me

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