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Thread: Loving it more every ride.

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    Loving it more every ride.

    Got it a few weeks ago. Have over 700 miles on it. Such a cool bike.


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    That is a nice bike. Its a Buell thing. I'll ride the EBR, then jump back on the XB and be just as thrilled to ride it, just in a different way....

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    Totally this ^^^

    The question get brought up all the time. 'Whats the best Buell?' and the answer is always 'All of them' . Haha.

    They are all VERY fun and VERY different

    I know RB gets it

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    My Ulysses has more raw soul than this 1125 but the 1125 still has some of that Mojo and is also a very nice modern sport bike. Fun stuff.

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