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Thread: Buell XB vital checklist

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    Buell XB vital checklist


    Now that I'm busy with my Buell I read a lot of technical Buell stuff on the internet and I came across this article: . Great info! I thought by myself two things:

    - I, with my 2004 xb12s with 50,000+ km's ridden (~31,000 miles) should definitely check this!
    - Hmm, are there more issues to check!?

    I've searched and found a lot of buying checklists but no owning checklist

    So, is it around? Or can we make one?

    Not the obvious regular maintenance things that apply to every motorcycle. But things that are worthy of a check now and then. Or things that really need a modification.

    I used to have a Ducati 916 and had a checklist with all the known vital issues. Like tighten the flywheel nut every xxx kilometers, check known wires and connectors for burning, loctiting a bolt that could drop in the air intake, all kinds of things that could cause major damage if neglected. I gathered all the info from internet wisdom and it was very helpful. I want to do the same with my Buell.

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    Definitely clean all the grounds, no matter what how they look, then apply an anti-corrossive to them. Also, primary chain clearance, any chafing on the wires, especially on the front area, sagging engine mounts, check all fasteners, make sure battery is good and if your buying a new one that it is at least 220 CCA. Do not over fill oil, Always check while bike is on the kickstand and hot.
    I've been riding my Buells for a couple of years now and have only changed and checked oil, tire pressure, primary chain, belt condition and tightness of fasteners, that's it.

    Oh, almost forgot, do not go by the listed torque setting for the oil drain plug, it's wrong. Pretty much a bit more than hand tight. Remember your mostly dealing with an aluminum base when tightening fasteners.
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    Thats a good list NJ
    I'd only add to replace the belt at 50K, and keep fresh quality wheel bearings on it. Follow the service manual for the rest.

    It will be interesting to see what others add

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    Buy a Buelltooth style adapter so you can keep track of trouble codes and simple diagnostics. It only runs on Android, so you can put a copy on your burner phone. You dont even need a SIM card so the government can't track you, just make sure to leave the GPS and Wifi turned off.

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