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Thread: Looking for a Lightning in Los Angeles

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    Looking for a Lightning in Los Angeles

    Thanks for looking here - if you have a bike you're thinking about selling or know someone who does, let's talk.
    I'm new on the forum but have had a couple Buells in the past (XB9SX, XB12S). I'm itching to get on an XB again and have started searching classifieds during this downtime but not really finding anything.
    I'm open to anything. High miles or salvaged title is ok as long as the price reflects it. This is just for fun, not commuting and not my only bike so I'm even open to a project. Low miles and great condition is obviously preferred.
    I live in Los Angeles.


    rob at castromotorsport dot com

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    Lots of Buells come up for sale in your neck of the woods, keeps your eyes open.

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