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Thread: Rear wheel bearing/wheel

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrutalBuell View Post
    I'm reading that post rolling my eyes and shaking my head. Just from the questioning of the error message suggests that the poster has either never had an error on his Buell EVER or simply never had a Buell as I can't see how putting on here what the instrument cluster was saying back to me is baffling. That and how the words "FUEL SYS ERROR" doesn't make one automatically think "probably the fuel system"
    Dude. Chill.

    Being a jerk to the people you're asking to help you is, uh, not uh... well, you'll figure it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by casual_observer View Post
    You still need to fix your clogged strainer or entirely gone fuel pump first. Those are the bigger problems as opposed to the wrong map for the pipe (unless the map is totally fuxored). Even then, you will need to fix the fuel supply issues first. I'm a HAM SANDWICH?!?!?!?, I like ham sandwiches, so I really don't get your point? 'Tism? What word are you trying to use? I'm guessing its a suffix, but there are over 100 words with completely different meanings ending is "'Tism"

    I'm not even going to guess whatever REEEEEE'ing means either, pretty sure you made it up.

    This seems to be a pattern with you. You need to speak/type clearly and concisely son, if you want to get your point across. Your made up terms and "half-words" really aren't getting your point across. Mean what you say and say what you mean.

    If you think the strainer is clogged, pull it inspect it and either clean it out or replace it. Relying on fresh fuel to clean a fuel system is hoping for a miracle. If your are extremely lucky it could work, but even then its just going to break up the gunk and move it further down the stream towards the injectors. Since it sounds like you already tried your "fresh fuel cure all", it seems like it didnt work and you need to TAKE IT TO YOUR MECHANIC and have him actually fix the issue.

    Well, hey they're your injectors. If you want to run a bunch of dissolved varnish through them, go right ahead. I would also wonder why that would cause a fuel error... especially because the sensor (what sensor?) would be getting the correct amount (of varnish and gas?)

    Once again, let your mechanic handle this.

    Mayeth your varnish sensor have a full life of short grounds and live in harmony with your totally gone pump. Peace be with you.
    Regardless, put down the wrenches (or in your case the fuel can) and let your mechanic work on your bike.

    Start a new thread for a new issue. Or rename this thread to reflect this. People are often requested to search the forums before posting questions, and this behavior defeats that.

    So you knew it wasnt the right thing to do, but you did it anyhow to satisfy your self esteem. You go keyboard warrior!

    casual_observer aka HAM SANDWICH

    PS. what is BIGBRAIN SMALLFRAME anyhow? Does that mean you are BIGFRAME SMALLBRAI.... aha! Got it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    Dude. Chill.

    Being a jerk to the people you're asking to help you is, uh, not uh... well, you'll figure it out.

    I agree with Cooter. Casual observer, go back to casual observing.

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