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Thread: 1125R woes

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    1125R woes

    Hello, a few of you will already know who I am from the xb Facebook group so feel free to skip the intro.

    I bought my 08 1125R back in 15 as my first bike. I've done all the maintenance on it myself and put 15k miles on it in 2.25 years. I had a nasty crash in August 17, fixed the bike and then had some sort of knock happen in November. I parked it and it's sat since then. I had a bunch of things happen in 18 and 19 that caused me to put fixing it on the back burner. Now I want to get it fixed.

    I don't know what the policy is for names here but I'm trying to buy the other 20-something here in WI buell hoarder's, who's name is not CK, 2010 engine out of a parts bike. I'm well aware of the electrical issues, I bought an 08 for that reason. My main concern is whether I can just swap my stator in my engine out for that one and be fine or do I need to do more? Fb is OK for most questions but I can't seem to find a decent answer on this.

    Picture is unrelated, but this was taken 2 weeks before the accident when I finally started pushing the bike harder.

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