Had a bunch of work to do on all three bikes this winter, (2-Buells and 1-DR650). Decided to upgrade the unheated single wire NBo2 to a 4-wire heated model. Manufacturer's literature indicates that unheated single wire sensors last about 20K. Heated sensors go for 100-120+K miles before getting tired.

Bosch o2 PN-15716 has about a 6 Harness, 15717 about a foot and 15718 about 18, (15717 & 15718 both fit well). Dorman makes a 4-wire connector that plugs into the connector on the Bosch o2, (PN-645-708).

Installation isn't difficult but you need to have some wiring knowledge. For the best long term outcome solder all wire connections with un-insulated connectors and cover with heat shrink insulated tubing.

Both bikes are running sweet. Do they run better than a with a new unheated sensor? Probably but hard to tell. At 71 though don't plan on ever replacing either sensor again.