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Thread: Buell XB12 SCG - ECMSPY - how to?

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    Buell XB12 SCG - ECMSPY - how to?

    Greetings form Romania! I am a proud owner of a 2008 Buell XB12SCG.
    The big problem here is that I can't find no one to help me with this bike, as is a very very rare here and nobody knows how to....everything.

    For example:
    I have ECMSPY, I can connect to the bike, i can see all the info abt it, but how can i save any modifications i want to do? I want to change FAN settings from speed (as is not) to temperature settings. It allows me to make the changes, but it does not save the changes i have made.
    How can I do that, please?
    Thank you all!

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    You may want to do those changes using a free program called ECMDroid. Much easier to use, especially for those sort of adjustments.

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    Buy buellcheck or buelltooth to connect your tablet / phone with the motorcycle.
    Download EcmDroid and you can load new fan settings on your motorcycle.
    In Europe an xb year 2008 works as follows with the last reflash (latest update from buell):
    Normal temperature-fan running 0-10km / h when stopping the motorcycle the fan does not work.

    Very hot motor-fan always running, when you stop the bike too.

    I can send you the last update of the ECM, and if you want I have a race map for a different exhaust pipe and filter.

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