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Thread: S2 Thunderbolt signed buy Eric

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    S2 Thunderbolt signed buy Eric

    I have had a Cyclone and an XB-9 in the past. Never thought I would have a Thunderbolt. I haven't driven it yet. Just cleaned it.


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    I stumbled on this and it may interest you... especially considering your intentions of finding a quality buyer.

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    How cool! You should have that clear-coated? I question-marked that because I'm not sure how that helps or hurts the value of the original bike...I'd think it would help, gut feel.

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    As it seems, Erik Buell signed quite a few bikes and bike components, so the signature may not be really add much to the bike. Its somewhat akin to the person bragging that their 2008 is a "25th Anniversary Edition". My next favorite statement along those lines is the whole "Buell by Harley Davidson" or variants of such. I prefer "Buell in spite of Harley Davidson"

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    I'm with this guy ^^^

    Ride it and show it off Motorcycles in museums make me sad.

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    I am sure that Eric signed a lot of things. I am also not sure how that effects the value but it makes me feel really good about my bike. The more that I look at it the
    more that I want to keep it. I have no more room for another bike. I wanted to buy a new bike but maybe I can sell something else and ride this occasionally.
    I loved my M2. It was one of the nicest bikes I ever road and I have had a lot and road a lot of motorcycles. Thanks for the auction info.
    I still don't know the value but I don't think it's not as much as I though. It's still a really nice survivor. We will see.

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