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Thread: 2010 XB9SX not getting fuel

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    2010 XB9SX not getting fuel

    Hey everyone

    Long time member, however I've been gone for quite some time.

    So some back story, I have a 2010 XB9SX, 10,000km. I am the original owner, done a bunch of mods to the bike. Nothing too crazy, hawk exhaust, air box delete, that kind of stuff.

    So due to operational commitments, buying a sick Nightster, etc, I haven't ridden my Buell sadly in years. It's been sitting in my garage this whole time. I pulled it out last year to clean it up and it wouldn't run. I never had time to deal with it so again it sat until now.

    So my observations, all the fuses are good. All the lines that I can see appear to be okay. (no mice damage that I can see).
    When I turn the key I do hear the fuel pump, how ever it doesn't sound the same way it used to, and when I hit the starter it'll just turn over all day with nothing happening.

    I tried pouring a bit of gas down the TBS, and it fired up immediately.

    I haven't turned a wrench on this bike in years, so I'm trying to do some reading and get my head back in the game with regards to this bike.

    Any advice on what to check, or how to go about diagnosing this further would be immensely appreciated.


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    I would investigate the fuel pump first, especially since you mention how it sounds different. A member on here has graciously put together a few comprehensive fuel pump service kits. Hopefully, he will chime in soon.

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    So I jumped my own gun and just went and ripped the fuel pump out. Was actually fairly easy.

    The regulator is covered in rust on one side. And yea... I'm at a loss as to where to go from here. I'm debating just buying a new pump and regulator. I hooked up everything when it was outside the bike and turned the key and there was a little high pitched whine from the pump, and that was it.

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    I would do a search on this site for a posting from someone who is selling the fuel pump kits to members at a special price. The components appeared to have been chose carefully to lean towards quality, as opposed to being a cheap replacement.

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    Rog I'll check. My only issue is getting them to Canada. I have found some replacements online I'm looking at $140 Cdn for a new regulator and pump.

    I'm not even sure that this is my problem, but due to the rust on the regulator, the gunk in the screen filter sock on the pump, I'm guessing it's toast.

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    Since your fuel pump is already out, I couldn't be any easier to stick it in a bucket and test it for pressure and flow, instead of spending big bucks on a guess.

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    Okay. I'm alright at following how-to's, etc.... LOL but I'm not much of a mechanic. How would I go about doing this?

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    So I just attached a lead to the +/- on the pump, and to a 12v battery and heard nothing. So I'm guessing that's toast?

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    Given the rust on those components, i'm guessing it sat empty for a while. If any of the gaskets are cracked then the system would charge the fuel rail and then quickly empty back out through the cracks. I had the gasket above the fuel pump disintegrate and could hear the gas rushing through the lines everytime the pump would cycle. I would definitely recommend a full rebuild of all those components. Also getting new o-rings and o-ring lube will definitely help the reassembly.

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