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Thread: Buell 2010 XB12 SS bogging down upon accelerating

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    It was kind of like watching your parents fight. Fun for awhile, then you start wondering about future consequences. Who will get the kids? Is an older sibling going to step up and fill void. Maybe an east/west coast custody split. Where will the wayward Buellers spend Christmas, summer vacation. Can we just go back to a simpler time when everyone picked on Teabag...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rchuff View Post
    Fuel level sensor replacement fuel line, new o-rings. If you would like to email him message me and I will get you in contact with him.

    Ditto on the above. I ordered one of his rebuild kits, and it's actually got a couple different types of socks and lines to accommodate several variations of the pump.

    RChuff, please tell John that we miss him and promised to behave better. Well, at least maybe try to...

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    My opinion doesn't hold weight but a bit of banter is better than nothing here at all. Thread jack, go ahead. Better than dying on the vine. I will miss his posts as well as all others.

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    Outthere: No one is better than anyone else. Your opinion is valued, and holds exactly as much weight as every other poster on here We all add a bit of family to this little niche forum. Be smart, be an a$$, or be a smarta$$, its all good

    Like you, I want this place to be full of info, fun, and mostly to survive.

    Knowledge is meant to be shared and a wise man once said "I've never learned anything by being right"

    Hopefully people want to stay and add to our community here... but if they want to leave:
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