Okay need some opinions from some of the big brains here. The bike runs great around town and feels great at WOT all the way to redline, but once getting on the highway as soon as I hit 80mph light comes on, lean code, stumbles a bit and runs horrible until it is shut off and restarted.

Mods... buelltooth exhaust, K&N, opened up air box lid.

8k miles on the bike and itís a 2006 XB12R

What has been changed or checked since it started.
New plugs, coil, wires - no change
New o2 sensor- AFV was in the 110 to 115 range before this and now itís in the 90ís after the change but still getting the light
Cleaned all grounds
Multiple TPS resets
All sensor read outs look good, nothing jumps out as out of spec.
Checked for intake manifold leaks and there does not appear to be any.
Battery and charging system are good.

Any ideas would be appreciated.