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Thread: Code 13 Always lean

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Pilot View Post
    I have the most current version of ECMspy, but the tune was uploaded with ECM droid as sent to me with no changes. Only got spy just to make sure the map was not jumbled up like I have seen happened to some other people after I found out I had a problem.
    I've used the old ECMSpy & MLV to tune with good results. With the old ECMSpy you're able to get a 3D view of the fuel and timing maps. Comparing the maps makes it pretty easy to see where there are substantial differences. If you know the approximate throttle position and RPM where the issues are happening, you can smooth out cells in the problem area.

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    Okay, having read through this thread, arguments and tuning aside, I have the same problem and have done the same things on The Pilot's list. The only difference is that I'm running an APH exhaust but free-flow none the less. I have also gone back and forth with stock vs race eeprom. the problem always remains. I've also renewed inlet seals. Even got the standard ones to seal! Third attempt, anyway. My plugs, however, confirm that the rear cylinder is running a bit lean and the front is running rich. I've disabled the O2 sensor making changes by taking off open and closed loop learn and setting the max afv and ego corrections to 100. So, where now? would/ could a head gasket leak cause this intermittent fault and lean code? Any other ideas?


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    Well Chef, it probably won’t help you but for my issue I finally just got a new IDS ECU. Installed it today and the bike runs fantastic, no more code 13 at cruise at any speed. Engine seems smoother on the highway as well. Lots of pull... feels like a different bike.
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    Sorry for just seeing this. I know this is an old thread, but the AFV should not change from 100 on that Buelltooth tune. If open loop is enabled it will adjust itself lean (into the 90s). When using the file as it was sent to you the O2 sensor is still active to warn you if there is lean condition caused by a mechanical problem. If closed loop is enabled that will cause a problem. I run that same tune on my 2005 XB12 without issue.

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