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Thread: High Quality Buell XB Pucks Now Available

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    High Quality Buell XB Pucks Now Available

    Hello all, after months of R&D, testing and hugely helpful assistance from the Buell XB community we finally have replacement pucks available for the bikes. Right now there are 2 places to order them, Twin Motorcycles in Europe or our ebay listing in you are in the USA.
    Our stock is low until the end of May when we will have a decent stock built up. We made some changes from the factory ones that we felt were a benefit, harder polymer vs. the soft rubber oem's, the ability to touch them up if they get a minor scratch etc, and an additional support wear bar inside the pucks. This is what they look like on the bike and a image of the OEM vs ours. A Huge THANK YOU to the Buell XB forum IMG_9168.jpgIMG_9185.jpgpeople that helped me acquire a unused puck to scan.

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    Any Pucks for a 2007 XB12Ss - Long?

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