Hey all, had my 2009 XB12r since 2015, after purchasing it from an auction for 4k with a clean title, 5k miles and zero issues. Love this thing and i will keep it until i destroy the engine, then i will rebuild and destroy it again. Haha

Anyway, it has been completely stock since i bought it, except i put LED's and tires. Other than that i love the Natty XB. I owned 4 other bikes since 2015 as i have always liked having 2 bikes, to keep miles down and have something for friends. Now i know i will be getting another buell for those rides, not only for the amazing ride, but the comfort. Probably a lightening or 1190 SX...but who knows.

Ok...i digress. I am currently getting my muffler modified by Hawk and he should receive it this weekend and ill have it back in a week or so. Since its out if commission i decided to do some other stuff. Below is a list i made to be done before i get my exhaust back.

1) K&N Air Filter - done
2) Breather Re-route - still not totally sold on this
3) RSS - cant find it anywhere!
4) rear header heat shield - not sure
5) new NGK plugs
6) Suspension Adjustment
7) fuel and oil treatment
8) clean up bolts and other metals including replacing and ordering extras.

I run Mobile 1 20w50 in swing and prime and wont change that, as im happy, so no need to start and oil debate. Haha

Does anyone know where to find that damn RSS? Is it the Uly RSS? Are there any other model options? I habe spent 2 weeks looking for one and I am hesistant to order one from overseas. Nothing at St. Paul, New Castle, Buellster. This is driving me nuts. I NEED that scoop. Haha....but seriously...please help.

I dont see the need for airbox delete as the current one seemed to be opened up a ton in comparison to the previous models. Thoughts?

All i can think about for now. Ill take all recommendations, except for oil. Haha

Thanks all!