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Thread: Need Right Scoop

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    Need Right Scoop

    Hey All,
    Looking for a right scoop for my XB12r. Nothing at St Paul, New Castle, Buellster, ETC. Anyone looking to offload one or know where i can dig one out of a grave? It appears that a Uly scoop will work, but again cant find one. Are there any other options besides Carbon Fiber (which is not my thing) or making one (which i have no idea how to do)?

    Thanks all!

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    Its on St Paul and New Castle.

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    I also reached out to New Castle and they dont actually have them in stock. I was thinking it would still bolt up, but again says they are not for the XB its a little confusing.

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    One part of the kit is unique to the Uly.

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    I have also looked for my -08 but the one i found are really expense.

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    Im about to order the Uly set up, ill let you know how it goes. I have an 09, non cat version. Tevhnically it should be a direct fit, but wanted to get other opinions, since im sure people have done something before. Ill keep you posted.

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    I have the cat version, thats why its so expensive.

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    just so you know, when i purchased mine last summer it was 60 dollars.

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    I was at my local Harley dealer and got the part #s for the scoop.


    I didn't get the screw part #'s but I'm sure you dont want to pay the Harley dealer price for 25 cent screws.

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