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    motorcycle shops

    I know most of you guys like to turn wrenches, and I'm no stranger to mechanical work, but I find myself in a tough spot.

    My thanks to the corona virus, work keeps me busy about 29 days out of the month, and because of that, I'm looking for someone in the los angeles area who knows how to fix buells.

    My 1125 started sputtering like it was out of gas then threw a fuel pump code on the display. i turned if on and off then it ran fine for anotber few miles. On and off again to try and limp home and it just died. I've done a ton of research on the topic and found that it is likely the fuel pressure relay, and not the actual fuel pump. Or its a short in the electrical system and it will continue to burn out random systems. Or its something else entirely... Whatever the problem is, I don't have the time available to fix it.

    So, who do you CA buellers recommend and trust? Seems like an easy enough fix, for someone who knows what they are doing or a difficult fix for someone blundering around like myself.

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    Howdy awesome,

    Big state --but if you are anywhere near Fresno -- get in touch with Chris Rivas V-Twin--They worked on several of my bikes and are "awesome"-- besides they have all sorts of cool bikes sitting around and Chris himself is the real deal.


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    You may want to seek out Jacob Stark. I hear he is in the San Diego/Vista area.

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