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Thread: Engine heat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pushr0d View Post
    One data point for you - I just changed out my fan. The old one appeared to be the original. 2008 model XB12XT (fan also had a 2008 date code), 65,000 miles.
    Are you running the new fan logic? With the old logic my fan normally only runs for a short period after shut down. On a hot day it would sometimes run when riding, but only when running ďhardĒ. Since I have two ecmís now, Iím thinking Iíll run the new logic in the summer and old in the winter since the heat then is more welcome.

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    Have previously replaced the ECM due to being cracked at the connectors, fat guy on the seat so I did the ecm lowering mod, with new fan logic. Also installed the entire Comfort kit. PIA to install the cover that goes over the rear shock. I do notice that the ecm stays cooler, fan runs less, little less dirt under the seat, and a little bit cooler to ride. Every little bit adds up and helps.

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