Growing up in New Jersey with a biker dad if fell in love with Harley. Been fighting uphill my whole life and now finally getting to be able to play a little. My dad is now 65 and for the past five years he has let me hold and ride his 89 FX Softail with a 1340 CC engine. It is a lot of fun to ride. The sound of a Harley....good lord.
Over the past 2 years it has become unreliable to ride over a medium distance due to age and needs some love.
I have always loved the Buell line and finally made the purchase today with a 2006 XB12Ss Lightning. I watched a lot of video's on them and found this beaut not far from me.
So far i like it a lot. For one, it is way different to ride that the Softail in may ways. Not bad ways!
I just wanted to say hello and I am glad to finally be a part of a niche group of men that love an American Sport bike life.