thank you for the kind words. see schematics and parts list below. i keep all these parts in stock and happy to sell to board members at just a bit above dealer cost. these pumps are now failing at an alarming rate, mostly due to age and gasoline quality. it's your call, but considering the amount of time and effort required to remove, repair and replace this pump....i would at the very least replace the following:
outlet port O-ring
intake strainer sock filter
high-pressure filter
high-pressure outlet fuel line(the one you mentioned above)
line clamps
pump housing-to-frame O-rings(qty 2)
fuel level sensor

those items should freshen it up pretty nicely and restore good performance and throttle response for not all that much money
send me a mail and i'll get you pricing dependent upon exactly what you want and need. thank you.

xb pump 2009.jpg