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Thread: Blast 03 starting problems

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    Blast 03 starting problems

    2400 miles only. Did not started after winter (stayed in garage).
    Changed throttle, but started with Quick Start only.
    It keeps revolutions very high and warms up fast (for sure), so I cannot wait untill it will idle (if it will).
    Since revolutions are high, then that was a reason why it did not started normal.
    Probably fuel/air mix is not balanced?
    My first guess - autoenricher.
    I disassembled CV last year and it was clear like new - no dirt or dust.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

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    Maybe its time to disassembled the CV again and clean it out.

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    So it sounds like it DID start, you just didn't want to let it warm up to idle down.

    Change your fuel, it's probably bad.

    If nothing else has changed, then start it and let it idle/run so it can clean itself out.

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