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Thread: On his cell phone !

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    This may be it

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    Got it, thanks, I'll let all of you know more later after I get the bike home.






    This bike can take a hit, I got it home and took the pictures, took the seat off and everything looks fine, I'll take everything off the rear passenger grips and see if I can fix the crack in the little fender that holds the license plate and light on. I checked the fluids, and then rode it up and down my street, the gear problem was just an adjustment on the rod which was loose, so it changed gears and also started right up. I went over everything looking for cracks or any hair line fractures, didn't see any.
    Did I say this bike can take a hit, it's got some scrapes and I haven't looked under the frame puck yet, I figured I'd save that for when the insurance Co. comes to look at it.

    P.S. my little ully mully has a smile on it !

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