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Thread: New Owner XB9S - Is the transmission supposed to be bad?

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    Hmmm. It does seem to hang at 2k. Not that you're shifting there... but if you tested for leaks, maybe look in to the tuning?

    It's rare I suggest that for a decent running bike. You could start with the ECM parameters that are easy to change (and change back) before committing to a whole fuel map.

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    Got back from a ride today and decided to try the brake cleaner test while the bike was still thoroughly hot.

    This time when I sprayed the brake cleaner the engine speed would drop from 1000 down to 600 for a second or two then go back up. That's enough proof for me to believe there is an intake leak.

    I've got a set of those thicker aftermarket gaskets from James Gaskets on order. Figure I'll change the oil while I'm at it for a fresh start.

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