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This definitely will also work ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!

I am not kidding, it will also get rid of old scars or make them almost invisible ! Do not use hydrogen peroxide, it destroys the cells. Not everyone can have a wife that s a witch !

I just did this for my little mishap, when I finally went to the dermatologist, she asked what I was putting on it, when I told her she said, " really it looks very good ".
Sorry to hear Dan,
Listen to NJ...peroxide should not be applied more than once...that s*** will never heal and the scars will be atrocious. I cant guarantee the pineapple will work for roadrash, but did wonders for me growing up playing football and baseball with some nasty rasberries and turf burn. My mother was a witch doctor.

I have some 09 passenger pegs, i have on ebay for 40 bucks. They were actually on the bike when i bought it. Someone put them as all 4 pegs. They didnt have a spring, so no rebound. Other than that, i cant help ya.