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    Quote Originally Posted by 34nineteen View Post
    I noticed a little drip of oil on the bottom of the cable housing. Looking closer, the vinyl housing is cracking and falling apart, so I figured one of two courses of action.

    1. Add a bottle of trans stop leak
    2. Replace the cable.
    Or lower the oil level to below the leak. FIXED!!!

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    until you go around a corner

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    Quote Originally Posted by 34nineteen View Post
    And another thing Super Cooter, what’s up with this?

    The R/R on my bike shows to have an original part # of 74523-91, which according to Cycle Electric crosses to their CE-206 regulator, but that supposedly has the “H” connector, which I don’t have. Mine is a either a “J” or “K” by looking at the pic, but the applications show it’s likely the “J”

    Twin motorcycles shows that a DS313035 which they have listed as fitting all of the tubers. However it appears to cross to a CE-209 which doesn’t even appear on the Cycle Electric webpage.

    St Paul lists a Y0302.F BUELL VOLTAGE REGULATOR, but it only fits 1998-2002 M2, S3, 1999-2002 X1. However googling that part number 74567-98Y which doesnt even cross to anything on the Cycle Electric page.

    I tried emailing and calling the main website number and right now I am pissed off!!!!

    I demand a correct answer! PRONTO!
    Oh for f*cks sake! I'm pissed at Cooter for not pointing out this issue!

    So when I DID A GOOGLE SEARCH and found the S1 parts diagram. I DID SOME RESEARCH, and realized the old part number for my R/R is 74523-91, which is NLA.

    So, when I went to Cycle Electrics webpage I looked up my part # on their handy dandy reference sheet and found this:

    H CE-206 74523-91 1991
    All XL Models With Battery Only

    So, when I looked up the plug diagram for "H", it showed a 3 plug connector with a single ring connector. Mine definitely has only a 2 plug connector.

    Looking closer (and using a computer, not an iphone screen).... I realized this...

    The third pin is actually a shadow! UGH!

    Well, at least now I know... CE-206.

    Its amazing what you can figure out when you don't rely on others (aka Souper Coutre) and just do a little bit of research.

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    Crawling up your skirt
    Sorry I took so long, I was waiting for my time slot on Fujitsu Fugaku


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    Is that a stock photo or is that Bubbles ?

    I just realized a few months ago, that Tim Robbins was in Top Gun

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