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Thread: Riddle me this..

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    aaron: the carb has been fiddled with multiple times and reassembled incorrectly. something askew internally. check that it is jetted properly and assembled correctly. it's flooding the combustion chambers with massive amounts of raw fuel.

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    Now we’re getting somewhere!

    So, when I went pulled the carb again to verify the jets/passages weren’t clogged, I flipped over the carb to get access to the float bowl screws. I happened to see the needle fall into the diaphragm area.

    Sure enough, whoever was in there last had the needle on top of the holder, not under it. So, the needle jet was flowing massive amounts of fuel and fouling the plugs, just enough to make them foul intermittently then clear themselves back out.

    I put the needle back under the holder and now she purrs just fine.

    So, let that be a lesson for when you are chasing a problem. Since these bikes are all used, you never can tell whe. Johnny F#cknuts has been messing with stuff. And while the problem screamed of an ignition issue, it was the carb not being reassembled correctly. I even tested the diaphragm when I had the carb off. It was lifting up and closing just fine. If I had only pulled the cover off to look.

    Don’t be like 34:19.

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    Speaking as a fly on the wall. . . That was quite an adventure. I'm glad it worked out. I learned sometin too.

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