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Thread: HELP!!!!! XB9 Start issues, won't turn over

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    HELP!!!!! XB9 Start issues, won't turn over

    Please help me with issue. Here is brief description of whats going on.

    Turn key on,
    Can hear Key relay click
    neutral light does go on when in neutral
    lights, signals, and horn all work,
    gauges swipe full then back to zero,
    kill switch set to run,
    kickstand up,

    Fuel pump does not prime and when I press start nothing happens. No click from start or ignition relay. Checked all fuses and are good. I even shorted bank angle sensor, black - green and nothing. Please help asap!! Thanks all!

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    So what happens when you apply direct power to the fuel pump, does it prime?
    Is the ecm getting power? Did you check the fuse block to make sure it’s getting power (not just the fuses). Did you check the ignition relay? Or bypass it to see if the starter works when the relay is energized?

    Did you download a service manual? There is a great troubleshooting section in there, and wiring diagrams that show all of this?

    Also, shorting out the bank angle sensor wires hopefully didn’t cook your ecm. It’s looking for a value from the bas, not a dead short. Plus, why would you start there? It has nothing to do with the starter. It is even discussed in the free downloadable service manual.
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    This guy is right^^^^^. RTFM. Heres a free copy to download. There is an easy flow chart to find the problem. Not maybe find it. Absolutely find it. Follow the steps.

    Every response here will be a total guess, including mine:

    That said, the most common problem would be a bad ignition relay, swappable with the other ones in that same box and commonly available as a Ford A/c relay. Look in the 'Buell parts interchange' thread for the part number.

    The ignition relay feeds the red run switch. The fuel pump relay is triggered by the red run switch. The red run switch likes to get corroded and cause the issue you're having. With the ignition on, press and wiggle the red run switch and see if you hear the pump prime. If that does it, either take it apart and clean the contacts, or buy a new one.
    Like this:

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